The Benefits of a Fire Alarm System

Have you ever thought about the benefits of having a fire alarm system? Fire alarm systems help save lives, protect people and can stop costly business assets from being destroyed.

Think of all the people you employ or work with, in the event of a fire what do you do? Is there a fire alarm that can be activated to warn everyone in the building that there is a fire? When was it last tested? Does it even work?

What about all those costly assets within the building, will the fire alarm eliminate or minimise the risk of them being destroyed in the event of a fire? Is the system the right type of fire alarm system for the environment you work in?

Fire alarm systems are really important and ensure the safety of everyone in the premises, as well as safe guard against the occurrence of potential property loss in the event of a fire.

The latest fire alarm systems are extremely intelligent, they can:

  • Automatically call the emergency services and key contacts to minimise the time it takes for the fire brigade to attend site
  • Tell the fire brigade exactly where the fire is so they can get to it ASAP
  • Minimise pesky false alarms caused by old fire alarm detectors
  • And, in the unlikely event of a fault, they can also tell you exactly where the problem is!

Other Important Benefits of a Fire Alarm System:

  • Alert people of a potential fire
  • Safeguard assets from fire damaged

It is the responsibility of the land lord, or your employer, to make sure that the system is tested regularly and that it is fit for purpose.

Not sure if your fire alarm is fit for purpose? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help! We can organise a fully qualified engineer to attend site to check out your system and make sure that it meets the latest requirements of the fire alarm Irish Standard regulations.