The Benefits of Installing Alarm Monitoring For The Home or Business

More and more property owners are opting to install alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring for their home or business, but is it a good idea to follow suit? What benefits do these systems provide, and do they have the potential to actually ward off criminals from entering one of these properties?

There are certain measures that you can take in order to ward off criminals, and alarm monitoring is part of the perfect solution. This is particularly the case in those instances where trespassing, break and enters, burglaries and arson have taken place.

In order to understand why monitoring alarm systems are so effective, it’s crucial for you to understand how they work.

The Characteristics of a Good Alarm System

Alarm systems are not all designed in the same way, which means that you will need a high quality solution to get the greatest level of security. A good quality system and service should have:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your business or home.
  • Direct connection to an alarm monitoring centre.
  • Phone call upon alarm trigger.

This basically means that your alarm system should always be guarding you and your property against intruders.

If you have an alarm monitoring package with Aid Electrical & Security, whenever there is a breach in the system, your alarm system will send a signal to our 24/7 monitoring room and a phone is made to alert you. Should a response be required, a security patrol is dispatched to your premise immediately.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of installing an alarm monitoring system in a home or business is that it offers you the peace of mind knowing that assistance is hastily available in the event that the worst should happen. When installed in the home, you don’t have to listen out for sounds that might indicate an intruder is in the house. This will allow to sleep soundly with the knowledge that the alarm will wake you up in the event that someone breaks you’re your property.

Nominate a Keyholder

In the event that you leave the home to go on holiday, your alarm system can act as a watchman over the property and signal the relevant contacts in the event that someone tries to access the property. In these instances, a homeowner will usually nominate a key holder who should be able to contact the police or fire service. In many instances, the alarm system company will contact one of these parties directly if the alarm is triggered.

Preventing Intrusions

Having an alarm in your home or business, it is recommended that you advertise it with a sign on the front door or on the gates that lead to the property. This is because a criminal will be more likely to pick a home that doesn’t have one of these alarms installed over one that does. This was discovered after professionals actually went ahead and interviewed reformed burglars. What this means is that an alarm might not only be able to prevent an intruder from actually fulfilling their plans once they have entered a business or private property, but it could actually prevent them from entering in the first place.

Lower Insurance Premiums

When quoting insurance premiums, insurance companies tend to weigh risk and this is what they base their final decision on. With this in mind, they tend to lower premiums on home or business insurance when the building has an alarm monitoring system installed, and this goes a long way in emphasising how much of an impact this system can have.