Elderly woman injured during burglary in Bray

Two men have been arrested after an elderly woman was injured during a burglary at her home in Bray County Wicklow earlier this year.

The woman woke to find the men in her house at around 5.00am on September 10.

Eva Sutton (89) was left “broken” after she was savagely beaten for more than 30 minutes in her Wicklow home on September 10.

The raiders smashed through her front door in the early hours of the morning and grabbed the frail 89-year-old as she was asleep in a downstairs room.

Ms Sutton attempted to call for help by pressing a panic button attached to a necklace but her attackers ripped the alarm from her neck.

The thugs ransacked the home as they beat her before eventually making off with jewellery.

Gardaí in Bray investigating the aggravated burglary said they had arrested two men, aged 23-year-old and 21-year-old, in connection with the crime on Tuesday.

“Both men were arrested this morning are currently detained at Bray Garda Station under the provisions of Section 4 – Criminal Justice Act 1984,” a Garda spokesperson said.

Ms Sutton was left with a punctured lung, a broken nose and broken ribs following the brutal assault.

After the raiders made their escape, she managed to make her way out onto the street to seek help.

Shockingly, a man who was standing just across the road at a bus stop ignored her desperate cries.

Emergency services were eventually called and Ms Sutton was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital.

Daughter Amanda Sutton told the Irish Independent at the time that her mother had been left suffering "serious mental injuries" as a result of the attack.

"My mother keeps waking up in her hospital bed in the middle of the night screaming, she thinks somebody is trying to break into her room," Ms Sutton said.

"Physically her injuries are improving but the mental damage that has been done won't go away. She is a tough woman, but this attack has really got to her.

"The worst part is that this bright, outgoing woman who was able to fend for herself has been left shattered and broken from this incident."