Fire Alarms

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The ideal Fire Alarm must give the earliest possible warning of a fire, be easy to use, discrete in appearance and provide the user with peace of mind over many years. A Fire Alarm is a life and building preserving system and therefore, the correct installation of it and adherence to industry regulations is vital. Frequently it is the fire officer who requires the installation or upgrade of a Fire Alarm. Regardless of who requests the system, you can be assured of Aid Electrical&Security Services knowledge in the consultation, installation, and commissioning of Fire Alarms to the industry standards I.S. 3218.

Occupants of a building are alerted to a fire by means of sounders and visual indicators, enabling them to leave the premises in safety. Information from manual call points (break glass), and detectors (smoke, heat etc.) is fed to a Control Panel. The output from the control panel may then activate alarm bells, flashing lights and also operate ancillary equipment such as door release units. For rapid identification of the fire source, detectors and manual call points are arranged in zones, and indicated by lights or text descriptions on the control panel.


The Fire Alarm can be linked to our monitoring station, thereby alerting key holders and the Fire Service in the event of a fire We can provide systems utilising conventional equipment which is suitable for smaller premises or intelligent addressable equipment for larger premises as well as advanced flame detection and air sampling systems. We constantly meet with our suppliers to ensure that we are bringing cutting edge products to the market.