Home Security: Intruder Alarms

Why install an intruder alarm system?

It is widely accepted that intruder alarms are an effective deterrent against burglars, thereby helping to reduce the likelihood of your home being targetted. However, it is important to understand that an intruder alarm is not a replacement for good physical security. It should, rather, be regarded as a back-up to good physical and other security measures and precautions employed to protect your home.

Intruder alarm systems

Essentially, Intruder alarm systems fall into two categories - wired alarm systems or wire-free / wireless alarm systems. Each of these categories can be sub-divided into two types -

  • Audible only -  when the alarm is activated, an internal and/orexternal siren/bell operates to draw attention to the building
  • Remotely Monitored - when the alarm is activated, the internal/external siren/bell operates and a signal is also sent to a central monitoring station which can inform you, a chosen keyholder(s) and/or the Gardaí as required and appropriate

Auto-dialler - an auto-dialler can be utilised with any of the above systems. When the alarm is activated, the auto-dialler within the alarm system will ring predetermined telephone numbers to inform you and/or keyholders of the alarm activation. It must not be programmed to call the Gardaí.

Understanding and using you alarm system

It is important to understand how your alarm system operates. Your installer should explain the operation of the system to you and all other members of your family. Insist on a training session to demonstrate its features. Don’t be baffled by techno-speak or other jargon, ask the installer to explain. Aidan from Aid Electrical based in Lucan will happily answer any questions you may have. 

It is also important that all your keyholders are familiar with the operation of your alarm system and that they know the activation and deactivation codes etc. Keep all instruction manuals in a known and accessible location. Do not write alarm codes etc. on the instruction manual or on walls or doors near the control unit or keypad. This is a common practice and must beavoided.

What system is best for me?

This is often a difficult decision to make and may be influenced by a number of factors including cost, design of residence, location and whether the house is suitably pre-wired. Your local Crime Prevention Officer can offer advice and you should also talk to friends and neighbours about systems that they have installed. The alarm installation companies can provide specialist advice and your home insurance company may also be in a position to assist.


Choosing an Alarm Installer

All alarm installers and installation companies must now be licensed by the Private Security Authority. A list of all licensed installers is available on their website. There are numerous companies and individuals operating in the alarm installation industry. You will find most listed in the Golden Pages telephone directory. It is recommended that you obtain at least three quotes from reputable installers. The Garda do not recommend any particular alarm company but do recommend that all installed alarms should comply with the European Standard EN 50131. Note that one of the criteria for a Garda response is that the alarm system meets this standard or the older Irish Standard IS 199 which has now been replaced by EN 50131.

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