How to buy: Burglar alarms

You've arrived back from holiday, perhaps tanned or if you are unlucky, a bit sunburned after a restfull fortnight soaking up the sun in foreign climes. You heave your suitcases up the path, making a mental note to trim the grass when you get a chance, and then you open the front door.....

This is the point when your heart drops into your stomach as you survey the bleak scene in front of you: the contents of your home scattered all over the floor, presses flung open and gaps in the corner where your TV / music system / laptop used to be.


Unfortunately, this is a time of year when many people will return from their summer holiday to discover their home has been ransacked by burglars.

For many, this will be the event that spurs them into getting an alarm installed. But choosing the alarm that is right for your home and your budget is no easy task - there are endless different systems available and you are entering a world filled with security jargon.....  But does it have to be like this?  

Why not contact a professional company such as Aid Electrical & Security Services and speak directly to Aidan, the owner and director of an alarm installation company based in Dublin - and you will not only save your time and stress levels but you will receive straight forward professional advice about the kind of burglar alarm system that best suits your home and needs.

There are many things to consider before choosing an intruder alarm system including the overall price for installation and use, features the system has, and how reliable the company you would be doing business with is. When it comes to Intruder alarm systems you can easily find several options in the market today. There are several companies out there, claiming to provide the most comprehensive set-ups at the least possible prices. However you should only purchase from a reputable licensed company. A reputable company will carry out a system design proposal to ensure your property has the best possible protection. This is a requirement under EN:50131 standards.

Latest technology in Home Alarm Systems

Aid Electrical & Security Services stock and install the latest technology in home alarms - both hardwired and wireless systems. This mostly depends on whether your home is already pre-wired for a home alarm System, if not then the wireless alarm system is the option for you.

These systems have advanced movement detectors and they substantially increase immunity to false alarms to ensure that you maintain a Garda response.

With both wire-free and wired alarm systems you can be connected to our 24 hour Monitoring Control Centre as part of our Alarm Monitoring Services.

Call Aidan today and discuss what the best security alarm system is best for you and your home.

Call Aidan on 0879318253 or text the word alarm and location to 51444 and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.