How to check for damaged electrical wiring

Damaged electrical wiring is almost a common issue in every house. It is an unexpected problem which may occur anytime for any kind of reasons such as short-circuits, fire or other reasons. Damaged electrical wire may causes fire which can destroy your house as well as the whole earnings of your life. Therefore, it is surely important to perform a regular checking of the electrical wires in your house. This perform should be done by the professional electricians at least once in a year. With the expenses of some money for checking the total electrical wires in your house but this task make your house safe as well as reduce the risk through electrical wires.


Repairing or checking of damaged electrical wire is a vital task that should be performed by a professional and expert electrician. But you can also do some primary works till the electricians have come. You have to know at least a brief idea on this matter. You can perform this task if you have some basic knowledge on this subject. Let’s look what types of basic knowledge needed for checking damage electrical wires.

Start your checking from the fuse board of your house. Check your fuse box to observe whether it is ok or not.Check all of the switches in your house including main switch also. Sometime old fuse box create hazardous situation for your house as it may spark anytime.

Check separately each and every switch box especially those switch box which are connected to most electricity consuming home appliances such as computer, microwave oven, television,  refrigerator or air-conditioner as those switch box has a lot of chance of being damage. The electrical wires connected to those entire home appliances should be checked carefully

If your house is recently constructed then you may relax as a one-time checking in every two year is enough for this type of new house. But if your house is old enough then it is really important to check each and every wire of your house as it has a big chance of having damage electric wire in this type of houses.

However, electrical systems are different for different houses. It depends on the size and structure of your house. If your house is large in size with a multipart structure, then it is better for you to complete this checking perform by hiring a professional and experienced electrician only.