How to Make Your Home Hard to Break Into

In Ireland it is estimated that burglaries occur regularly every day. A home security system truly is the best way to protect you, your family, home, and belongings from any intruder. At Aid Electrical & Security, we can install a custom system inside your home that will alert you and the gardai immediately if a break in occurs. Here are some tips we recommend to making your home less appealing to a burglar,  and harder to break into:

  1. Avoid having tall bushes close to the house. A burglar can easily hide themselves within the plant.
  2. Exterior lighting on a timer and/or a motion-sensor floodlight can deter intruders from getting close to your home.
  3. Hide your valuables. Try not to showcase high-value items for anyone to see. If someone can see that you have an expensive sound system or huge flat screen TV in your living room, you’re giving them a reason to believe you have many valuables worth money. By closing the blinds or keeping things away from windows or off your driveway or lawn, you can prevent people from knowing what’s inside.
  4. This is an easy one: lock all doors and windows! About 30 percent of burglars have entered homes through unlocked front doors.
  5. Purchase a wireless home security system. Some burglars get real sneaky and smart, and will cut phone and alarm wires before they enter a home. When this happens, your alarm would fail, and you’d be unable to call for help on a house phone. Since a wireless system has no wires, a burglar cannot cut power off to the system. Aid Eletrical & Security's home security system offers “Crash & Smash Protection.” This technology protects you and your family by sending you an alert at the first sign of entry, including when the burglar destroys the security panel.