Tips about selecting an Alarm Company

  • Contact at least 2/3 local alarm companies for a quote.
  • Check if the alarm company is a registered NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) approved alarm installer. Are the alarms installed under strict compliance with I.S. EN 50131-1 for Intruder Alarms?
  • Have each company you contact appraise your security needs and make suggestions on the system they recommend. Obtain a clear idea of what they offer - that includes the recommendations and all associated cost factors of components, installation, service etc. 
  • Make sure you understand the system. Be aware of what it can and cannot do. Receive oral and written instructions covering all circumstances involving the system operation and instructions on testing the system.

Questions to ask 

  • How long has the firm been established? Can they show you any testimonials that reflect their history of performance and service.
  • Are the company installers properly licensed? Is anything sub contacted - such as installation, service or alarm monitoring?
  • How long has the central monitoring station established? Where is it located?
  • Is the system equipped with a battery backup? Is the battery rechargeable?
  • Does the company offer a written guarantee? What is guaranteed and for how long?
  • What services are offered, such as a maintenance contract, central station monitoring, 24 hour response for repair service?
  • What equipment is leased/owned by you?
  • What is the policy for canceling monitoring services (e.g. minimum term or is only one cancellation per year allowed)?
  • What is the policy on service charges after the warranty expires?
  • What is the policy on false alarm billings?

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