Wireless Alarms

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Wireless Alarm are often now fitted in place of the traditional wired alarm. This is especially the case if your house or premises is not prewired. A wireless system is a convenient way of protecting your property from intrusion.

The big advantage of modern wireless alarms is that wires linking the sensors to the control panel do not have to be run. This means there is no drilling, lifting floor boards,  or unsightly cables.

A wireless system is a secure alarm system – not only protecting your premises but the occupants as well. It can for example also be used with a panic alarm or even a medical alarm. With regular service and maintenance your wireless alarm system will provide many valuable years of protection and peace of mind to your family.

We stock an advanced range of cutting edge alarm technology. No need for cables or wires. All wireless dectors use long life lithium batteries. We can offer wireless contacts, wireless shock sensors sensors, wireless outside sirens as part of a wireless alarm system.

Examples of Wireless Alarms we install or repair

  • SW - 1070 Hybrid Control Panel
  • RF-PIR
  • DTV (Dialer - Txt/Voice)
  • SW-EXT10
  • RF Echo
  • RF Smoke Detector
  • GSM-M